Multibeam Echosounder
Small size & Light weight
Easy Operation for One Person

Advanced Time Leap Technology
The Accuracy Could Reach 0.05m/s
Three Models with Different Accuracy
Extrodinary Performance and Reliable Quality

Hydrographic Surveying
Hydro-Tech had developed a full serie of products, including multi-beam echo sounder, side scan sonar, sound velocity sensor and INS system for diversified surveying application.

Hydro-Tech multibeam echo sounder & side scan sonar had been broadly applied in underwater emergency rescue, hydrology emergency investigation and hidden pipe investigation.


In the security field, Hydro-Tech multibeam side scan sonar and imaging sonar have been extensively utilized in unmanned platform integration and underwater monitoring.

Operation and maintenance

Hydro-Tech products and solutions have been preliminarily approved in the monitoring of wind power or water conservancy facilities and safety inspection of cross-sea bridges.

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